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Job Adverts in Ebulletins/ Newsletters

If you advertise your jobs with us, you get noticed by people who presently work in the voluntary sector, work closely with the sector (maybe as statutory sector employees) or have significant past paid / volunteering experience in the sector.

For a small charge, we will put your job advertisement on our website and publish a link to it in our next e-bulletin or PDF newsletter (which ever is published sooner). Additionally, we will notify people of your vacancy  through our social media networks (on twitter, facebook and through our blog)

Our e-bulletin and newsletter are sent to over 1100 people and we have been using these mechanisms to successfully advertise posts within the sector for many years.

Voluntary and community sector vacancies -  £25 per vacancy
Public/private sector vacancies  - £50 per vacancy
For more details about this service please telephone John Humphries (Information Officer) 01424 444010 or email

HVA Membership

Hundreds of organisations active in Hastings have joined HVA.  

Its free to join and members can benefit from a range of services.


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