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Bags of Taste sessions are back!

After the first highly successful course that ran in November, Bags of Taste are starting a new course on 19th Jan !


Bags of Taste works with people in or at risk of food poverty to improve their diets, by teaching them to cook great recipes costing less than £1 a portion. The lessons run for 4 weeks at a time and are completely FREE.

The Bags of Taste model is really a positive intervention which has proven to result in exceptional long term behaviour change, with the added bonus of reducing household debt significantly. These savings contribute to improved household finances, and both better diet and debt reduction contribute to improved mental health. They also have a significant volunteering strand with many of their ex students continuing involvement by volunteering with them, further improving wellbeing.


At the moment Bags of Taste are looking for volunteers as well as participants for the course starting on 19th 11am-1:30pm.


If you know of anyone who would benefit from either volunteering or participating then they can get in touch with Savannah at or 07880926231, or book your space at:



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