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Hastings Fringe Festival

Hastings Fringe Festival provides opportunities for new emerging artists and quality experienced artists to showcase their talents at traditional and non-traditional venues across the borough. It encourages community creativity and innovation ensuring equality of access, particularly for those that are under-represented in the performing arts.
We recognise:
• That the performing arts have the power and potential to change lives and should be available to the many not the few.
• That the performing arts thrive when people are put before profit.
• The value of belonging to a community of performing arts professionals sharing and learning together.
We aim to:
• Bring high quality, imaginative art to the widest possible audience.
• Provide the best possible working conditions
• Promote inclusion, equal opportunities and diversity.
• Share knowledge and experience with peers.

14, Upper Park Road
Phone: 7970820372
Arts and culture, Community building / space, Community development / regeneration, Education, training, learning, Older people

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