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The School of Natural Building (SNaB)

We offer educational and training services both theoretical and practical for anyone interested in natural building, particularly for women and those traditionally excluded from construction. In 2018 we will be running training courses to build the Hastings Visitor Centre and are looking for full time interns.
The School of Natural Building (SNaB), a not-for-profit social enterprise, was set up in 2014 to train people to a high standard. SNaB is passionate about encouraging ordinary people, especially women, onto the building site. Natural Building is a tremendously empowering experience, and also a lot of fun!
It is not necessary to formally join the School to take part in the modules and courses. The courses are open to everyone whether or not they want to follow the full training programme. If a student subsequently decides to take the full training, attendance on previous courses will be taken into account.

Hollinroyd Farm
OL14 8RJ
Phone: 07720716589
Community building / space, Education, training, learning, Employment, Environment / conservation

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