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East Sussex Safer Communities Partnership - Community Insight

The Safer East Sussex Team are currently completing a Strategic Assessment bringing together data from across the community safety realm in East Sussex.  This is to inform the ongoing priorities of the East Sussex Safer Communities Partnership which cuts across ASC, Children’s Services, Police/Probation, NHS, Public Health and the VCSE sector. This work most broadly focuses on reducing crime, disorder and substance misuse and its effects.

The plan highlights the 8 current workstreams.  Through a Strategic Assessment, the Partnership is looking to incorporate more relevant context which organisations are drawing from local communities. The Safer East Sussex Team would appreciate any insight that organisations have drawn from previous or ongoing community engagement, consultation and development work, and/or any specific reviews of community safety issues being raised by local residents in Hastings.

The Strategic Assessment will consider the different lenses which the partnership should use to plan, deliver and monitor its work across each of its workstreams, which might result in recommending a shift away from, or adaption of, the current workstreams.  If there are themes from any insight  which touch on community safety (personal vulnerabilities, exploitation and violence, protective factors, access to particular community services, life-development/life experience and so-on) which you think need addressing more prominently, it would be useful to have opinions on how and why this should be the case.

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