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Building Stronger Bridges

Building Stronger Bridges is about supporting local communities to work together to help each other, particularly those who are older and disabled. We are here to help establish & support good neighbour schemes across Hastings and St Leonards by providing support and advice, not only to individuals and groups wishing to start a new scheme, but also to existing groups that would like to extend volunteer support within their community. We all know that there are people in our local communities who are elderly or disabled and who need some help or support to continue living at home independently. This could be help with shopping, a lift to the Doctors or a social event, gardening, walking the dog, the odd task around the house or just popping in for a visit and cup of tea. It can be a one off offer of help or on a more regular basis – it all depends on what time you have to give and what is needed. So far we are pleased to be supporting some extremely valuable volunteer schemes who provide good neighbour-type help for everyday tasks and wish to extend their current services. We can provide a specially designed toolkit, future fund-finding, DBS checks and free training as required.

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Good Neighbour Scheme contact information:

1066 Good Neighbours - Denise Treglown - Tel: 07541336643 - Email:

DSATB (Dementia Support at The Bridge) - The Bridge Tel: 01424 433611 - Email:

FoRC (Friend of Roosevelt Court) - Angela Taylor - Tel: 07708129495 - Email:

HENS (Hastings East Neighbourhood Scheme) - Ore Centre Tel: 01424 432719 - Email:


Tanya Vice – Project Development Officer 01424 444010 -
Twitter: @BSB4you  

HVA Membership

Hundreds of organisations active in Hastings have joined HVA.  

Its free to join and members can benefit from a range of services.


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