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Code of conduct

Please follow our Code of Conduct for HVA's Telephone Befriending Scheme:

Hastings Voluntary Action will:
• Match you with a telephone friend (more than one if you request).
• Provide you with ongoing support and advice to help you develop your telephone friendship.
• Match you with a different telephone friend, if requested.
• Seek your feedback on the scheme.
During your phone calls please:
• Do find things of interest that you both can talk about.
• Do respect the telephone friend's confidentiality.
• Do not give or accept gifts, gratuities or bequests.
• Do not offer health or medical advice unless you are a qualified health professional.
• Do not feel pressured to give information you don’t want to.
• Do not use the calling time to provide any commercial or business products advice.
• Do be respectful to your telephone friend and do not use inappropriate language.
• Do make HVA aware if you are unable to continue with telephone befriending, or need to take a break.
This scheme is purely a telephone scheme. If any practical help is needed, visit:
If you have any complaints or concerns about your experience of HVA’s Telephone Befriending Scheme, call 01424 444010 or email



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