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HAZ Project Co-ordinator

Heart of Hastings is a Community Land Trust working to create “Affordable Spaces, Diverse Communities and Inclusive Neighbourhoods through Socially Driven Investment and Long Term Co-Ownership. We deliver the Trinity Triangle Heritage Action Zone: A 4 year project to develop and promote the spaces and places around the historic Trinity Triangle.

Our current staff team is small, but we work daily within the Hastings Commons, which includes White Rock Neighbourhood Ventures, Leisure & Learning (AKA Hastings Hive) and Jericho Road Solutions among others.

This role co-ordinates the delivery of the 12 projects streams in the Trinity Triangle Action Zone that will transform Trinity Triangle. Over the four years of the project, the Trinity Triangle will be shaped by local people and businesses who work collaboratively and are confident in their ongoing management of the historic neighbourhood. Dereliction is a thing of the past but the place retains its characterand diversity. It is recognised and valued, affordable and inclusive, hugely successful with widespread profits that benefit the area.

Temporary Office Assistant Project Assistant
Hours and Pay:
0.5 full time equivalent, salary £13,260
28 days holiday inclusive of bank holidays pro rata
Based in: Rock House, Cambridge Road, Hastings TN34 1DT
Reports to: Executive Director
Duration: 3 years

Full info and to apply: Work with Us – Heart of Hastings


0.5 full time equivalent
Monday, June 7, 2021

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