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Liberty Choir

The Liberty Choirs were dreamed up by MJ Paranzino, singer, composer and choir director, and her partner, the journalist and writer, Ginny Dougary, more than ten years ago. Their idea was to take MJ’s singers into prisons to create choirs with inmates in a continuous programme of choir singing. The second part of the programme kicks in when the ex-offenders are ready to be released into the community – our hope, which 5 years on has become a reality, was that former prisoners would feel comfortable joining the community choirs, where they would recognize familiar faces and friends, be part of a community and enjoy a healthy and fun activity. To date, we are in touch on the outside with nearly 70 ex-offenders - who we call graduates, some who come to choir, some who come to events, some who host fundraisers, all have not reoffended!

Jackson Hall
TN34 1QN
Phone: 01424444010
Arts and culture, Befriending / Mentoring, Community development / regeneration, Mental health, Offenders / Ex-offenders

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