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SupplyTrain CIC

SupplyTrain is a social enterprise that supplies free, high-quality, impartial, training and apprenticeship advice to small businesses and community groups across England.
When done well, apprenticeships not only create a more level playing field in the workplace - giving people, regardless of previous experience or qualifications, a chance to work towards a meaningful career - they also help small businesses develop talent, save on recruitment costs and plan for the future.

Yet, small businesses don't know there are over 4,000 apprenticeship training providers they can work with, that they can employ part-time apprentices or that chartered and professional qualifications can be included in an apprenticeship programme - which the government pays 95% of the cost towards.

we are on a mission to give hard working young people more opportunities to access great jobs, by explaining the business benefits of apprenticeships to SMEs and demonstrating to employers the positive impact apprenticeships have on their workforce.

To check your knowledge - take the Supplytrain apprenticeship quiz:

TN34 1QN
Phone: 0800 887 0213
Advice, information, advocacy, Education, training, learning, Employment, Funding / financial, Young people

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