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Butterflies Child & Adolescent Counselling Service

Butterflies provides Counselling & Therapeutic Services to Children & Young People that have experienced Abuse and Trauma in their lives, or maybe finding life to be a challenge, causing worry and concern for both the young person and their families.

When a child / young person experiences Abuse and Trauma Safety and Security are immediately removed, they develop strategies to survive, once the experience has ended the Survival Strategies continue, and the child / young person functions daily in a state of Hypervigilence. Trauma interrupts their happiness, and they may often choose to be alone withdrawing from friends and family.

At Butterflies we work therapeutically using various modalities of therapeutic approaches to suit the individual child / young person supporting them to:

· Regain a sense of control over themselves i.e.: self-regulating triggered emotions and responses
· Look at their future with hope as they heal the past
· Set goals to measure their progress in therapy
· Work towards feeling safe in certain situations and people
· Learn how to trust in themselves and find their voice
· Develop healthy and meaningful relationships with family and peers

Rosedale, Whatlington Road
TN33 0ND
Phone: 0144 775 187
Advice, information, advocacy, Education, training, learning, Mental health, Young people

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