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Carers Wellbeing Initiative Ltd

The Carers Wellbeing Initiative offers relaxation, wellbeing and social contact through a short programme for carers experiencing physical and /or mental stress. The aims of the programme are to aid relaxation and wellbeing and help reduce the symptoms associated with stress and which are linked with caring.
We understand that Carers face a continual stress of coping with the practicalities of care along with the emotional strains and anxieties associated with maintaining a positive relationship and good quality of life with a loved one. Our programme uses recognised complementary therapy techniques that are based on bodywork and movement therapies to help carers improve their own wellbeing and ability to cope with their care responsibilities.
We offer a mixture of therapies - massage, shiatsu, reflexology, aromatherapy and Indian head massage. We view movement therapies as particularly important; to encourage more carers into group work to help reduce social isolation and promote wellbeing.

Registered Office:
N4 1ER
Phone: 07966 622089
Advice, information, advocacy, Carers, Education, training, learning, Health

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