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Friends of Speckled Wood Management Trust

“Making a better future for our children, today”
Established in 2012 The Friends of Speckled Wood is an HMRC Registered Charity and Trust set up to restore a disused Woodland and enhance the value of nature in our local children. Our children's immersion in the Nature is vital and will help the wellbeing of our whole community.
Speckled Wood, Hastings is a Community Asset used by the surrounding population. Wood, Hastings ,The area was part of a public open space given to the public in the General Management Plan 1930.
Our aims and the future we're building
The aims of the Trust and Charity are simply to obtain the Speckled Wood, Estate for the benefit of the Community and Schools which use it daily as a recreational resource, and to travel safely to one of the three schools in the area. To achieve this we need funding to purchase the land from multiple owners. This is slowly becoming a reality as the cost of the land will fall with this decision process, which is currently happening!

15 Valleyside Rd
TN35 5AD
Phone: 07857 319463
Advice, information, advocacy, Animals, Campaigning, Community association / forum, Community development / regeneration, Environment / conservation

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