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HVA Announce Mary Carter as new Chair of the Management Committee

Mary Carter was recently elected as Chair of the HVA management committee. 

Mary said  "I've lived in Hastings for over 20 years and through paid work and volunteering, including as a trustee, have got to know lots of organisations in Hastings' voluntary and community sector and and know the amazing work that goes on and the importance of our sector, especially as council services are squeezed and too many people in Hastings are having a tough time and relying on our help.

When the project I work for now, Adfam, which helps families and friends of people with drug and alcohol problems, was set up in 2020, it was important to become a member of HVA as I knew how good they are at supporting organisations, giving the sector a voice in the thinking and strategies affecting residents and the sector, and in bringing funding into the area. I'd been an independent trustee at HVA before representing Adfam on the board and became Vice Chair in 2022.

I'm looking forward to being part of the voice for Hastings voluntary sector and working with the fantastic team at HVA to make the most of the opportunities ahead."

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Hundreds of organisations active in Hastings have joined HVA.  

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