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Tribe App and Online Platform Launches

HVA, alongside RVA and 3VA, were delighted to take part in a successful launch last week of a new app and online platform, Tribe, which connects volunteers and organisations to communities and people who need support.

Bronzelabs, the development team behind Tribe, spent the week in East Sussex taking part in various events hosted by the three Voluntary Actions, meeting groups who were already using the platform, as well as getting plenty of new users on board.
For voluntary organisations, Tribe can help you manage & schedule voluntary tasks and find new local volunteers too.
The Tribe Project is working in collaboration with East Sussex County Council on a volunteering initiative aimed at enhancing community engagement and fostering social growth across East Sussex.

If you want to find out more visit the Tribe website:  

HVA Membership

Hundreds of organisations active in Hastings have joined HVA.  

Its free to join and members can benefit from a range of services.


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