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Guidance for Articles for Ebulletins and Newsletters

The HVA e-bulletin is a powerful tool for getting information to roughly 1100 email accounts held by individuals working with or volunteering for voluntary and community organizations.

The strength of the bulletin is that it is as brief as possible and all entries are kept to:

  • A heading
  • Two sentences (usually something like who is doing what, when and where)
  • A hyper link to any other information or a phone number for where people can get further information.

We are ruthless about the length of items and would expect you to only provide two sentences for us. After all, if it isn’t important enough for you to spend time doing two sentences then is it really important enough for us to be circulating it to 1400 people through our e-bulletin service.

If you are sending us an item for the e-bulletin please put something meaningful in the subject line of the email (like 'for inclusion in the next e-bulletin'). Do not just press the return button from an old e-bulletin since this may well end up in junk mail as a 'bounce back'

If you want to publicise a flyer or a leaflet that we think is relevant to our readers, we can attach it to our ebulletin or newsletter for a small charge:
HVA members: £30 per issue
Non members: £60 per issue

If you think that it is important for people to know more about what you are doing but you have not yet learned how to set up a blog or website or put your own documents on a free service like dropbox, then you can talk to John Humphries (Information Officer at HVA) 01424 444010 and we will also try to help you learn how to do this for yourself.

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