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Payroll & Pensions

This service is ideal for organisations who do not have the capacity or expertise to operate a Payroll function in-house, or those who need to make the most efficient use of staff time by outsourcing payroll.
The world of payroll can be a daunting place, but we will deal with all of the complicated stuff including the following;

•         Calculation of pay, including adjustments for statutory sick pay, maternity pay etc.
•         Calculation of deductions for income tax, national insurance, pensions, student loans etc.
•         Submission of data to HMRC under Real Time Information (RTI) rules
•         Receive and implement new notices of coding and other instructions direct from HMRC
•         Produce and distribute payslips direct to workers
•         Provision of detailed reports to you, the employer
•         Advice and support on all matters relating to PAYE and payroll

To help you to meet your obligations under Auto-Enrolment (Workplace Pensions) legislation, we will;
•         Monitor the eligibility of your staff under the current legislation and advise you when action is required by you to meet your obligations as an employer
•         Provide mandatory information to workers, and assess / enroll workers into a workplace pension scheme
•         Submit data to your pension provider about contributions due

Costs for this service are extremely competitive, starting from just £19.50 per pay run for combined payroll and pensions processing.
Please contact Keith Miller at HVA to discuss how we might help you with your payroll responsibilities.

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