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HCN is an over-arching network comprising of local voluntary community and faith groups, networks and forums.

It offers communication channels between the voluntary and community sector and those who make decisions locally.

We identify ways in which members can participate and influence decisions affecting the delivery of services.

HCN links with Hastings Borough Council, East Sussex County Council and is a member of the Local Strategic Partnership.

HCN brings together representatives from the voluntary and community not-for-profit sector in Hastings to identify areas of common interest and share information.

Regular themse events are held that focus on key current issues.

Networking opportunities are also organised to encourage joint working.

Every two years HCN elect an Executive Board of community and voluntary sector representatives who drive the work of HCN forward.

HCN is hosted by Hastings Voluntary Action and Funded by the Tudor Trust.

Charity Number: 802632, Company Number: 2409902

What are Locality Networks?

Locality Networks’ is an East Sussex Community Resilience project. This project takes an ‘asset-based’ approach, which respects and makes use of existing structures. HCN has been recognised as an established network for the Hastings locality.

On 14th March Tina Cook from Public Health presented to the HCN Executive on Locality Networks.

The presentation below provides a detailed context for the project. It covered the journey so far and touched on the expected role of Locality Link Workers.

From Slide 20 the focus is on Locality Networks and what they will achieve. Put most simply these are networking events involving HCN groups and statutory partners and supporting this activity with online information and tools. The outcome is the opportunity to inform commissioners, influence service provision and explore co-operation.

The project has only begun and there is a lot to clarify. It is clear though that HCN is a voluntary sector member organisation. Although Locality Networks are described as cross-sector forums, this should not be a stumbling block as HCN events have always sought to include relevant statutory and private sector organisations. The Executive Committee meeting is HCN’s own space for which it decides how it wants to discuss what is relevant to its membership. Locality Network activity is envisaged as primarily engagement with the wider HCN network.

Locality Network Presentation

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