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Michael Glynn; 50 years of volunteering

Local charities Hastings Area Community Trust and Sussex Housing Trust for the Elderly have said goodbye to Michael Glynn who has retired after serving as their Treasurer since they were formed.

Michael joined the Central Aid Council as a Trustee and its Treasurer in 1974. The charity became known as Hastings Voluntary Services In 1989 the organisation was restructured with the new organisations of Hastings Voluntary Action and Hastings Age Concern being formed.

The remaining charity became Hastings Area Community Trust and subsequently Sussex Housing Trust for the Elderly was set up. The latter was formed to hold the freehold of Marlborough House the sheltered housing scheme in Warrior Square. Michael and I were delighted to have initiated this project which was a development from the housing of the elderly held by HVS with its origin dating back to 1892.

Michael was instrumental in reorganising the small charitable trusts held by HVS into one trust fund administered by Hastings Area Community Trust. Many of these dated back to the early 1900’s and formed the basis of the work of the original charity formed in 1890 – and much maligned by Robert Tressell!

Peter Carcas
Chair of Hastings Area Community Trust and Sussex Housing Trust for the Elderly

Pictured: Michael cutting the cake at his last meeting.

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