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A New Integrated Care Team for Hastings 

HVA have been working with County Council and Health colleagues about the development of the Integrated Care Team which will operate in Hastings. This will engage with local people to build on what works best already and to create a multi-disciplinary workforce, tailored to the health and care needs of the community. 

Further information about the Integrated care team is available here:-

We want to make sure that this initiative really connects well with the VCSE and we have an opportunity to shape this important development. 

Each ICT area is responsible for the development of a Data pack covering the key health and care issues for the area. We are publishing the draft data for Hastings and invite our members to review it.

Let us know any thoughts about the information and whether you think it captures our local position. We will assemble all comments and feed these back to Health and Social Care colleagues as part of the planning process. 

We are also pleased to be supporting the development of a Community Panel made up of up to 15 individuals and community groups who can meet to advise on this process over the next 12 months. Further information about the Community Panel will be profiled over the coming weeks, but if you would like to register your interest in receiving further information about serving on the panel please email [email protected] 

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